Агротех Мексико 2024 година

Agrotech Мексико
From May 15, 2024 until May 17, 2024 - (Check Flight)
Гвадалахара - Експо Гвадалахара, Халиско, Мексико
(Ве молиме проверете ги двапати датумите и локацијата на официјалната страница подолу пред да присуствувате.)

Агротех Мексико 2024 година

Equipment and Technology Distribution and logistics. Wholesale products. Transformation and processing. Specialized services

The Italian German Exhibition Company is pleased to invite you to AgroTech 2024. This will be the first B2B event dedicated to Industry 4.0 and agriculture.

Our exhibition is designed to help the agroindustrial sector, which includes the entire value-chain, from production, industrialization, and commercialization, increase its specialization, and compete in the Agribusiness 4.0 era by adopting technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Big Data, Blockchains, Automations, Drones and Logistics 4.0 are just a few of the technologies that will be featured at our exhibition.

for the agriculture and fishing sectorsEquipment ManufacturersSoftware and Smart SystemsAutomated Tractors and DronesDigitized Farming SystemsTillage Equipment and SeedersForage and Root Crop HarvestersSpecial Crops, Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems.

Пакување и контејнериЛогистика 4.0Дистрибутери Мрежи за дистрибуција на големо и мало.

Fuels and lubricants, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides.

Final Products Marketing of Transformed Products.

Crop storage and processing solutions.

Финансиска поддршкаМеѓународни трговски услуги Безбедносна опрема Осигурување на стоки Консултантски сертификати Обележување Владини и невладини организации.

AgroTech Mexico 202415 - May 17, 2024Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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Гвадалахара - Експо Гвадалахара, Халиско, Мексико Гвадалахара - Експо Гвадалахара, Халиско, Мексико


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