Изложба за безбедност ISAFCyber ​​2024 година

Изложба за безбедност на ISAFCyber
From October 09, 2024 until October 12, 2024
Бакиркој/Истанбул - Истанбул Експо Центар (Истанбул Фуар Меркези), Истанбул, Турција
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ИСАФ – Безбедност – Сајбер безбедност – Паметен живот – Безбедност и здравје – Пожар и спасување

ISAF Security – Cyber Security – Smart Life – Safety&Health – Fire&Rescue. ISAF INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL. T.R. The Ministry of Commerce is supporting ISAF participants! ISAF has grown with the MOBISAD IMEX Fair that was held this year. ISAF Fair will be bigger in 2023. The 2022 ISAF and IMEX results reports are published .... Participant News. Mavili Elektronik participates in ISAF for 16th time.

ISAF Fair has been organized for many years to include 5 main fairs. However, starting from 2024, all of these 5 fairs will be organized as a single fair with the main brand ISAF INTERNATIONAL. ISAF International Fair will bring the entire industry together for the 28th time on 9-12 October 2024. ALL SECURITY PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS ARE MORE EXTENSIVELY AT ISAF. ISAF, which is among the world brand events in the sectors it covers, will once again organize Security, Electronic Security Homeland Security, National Security Cyber Security Smart Buildings, Smart Life Fire and fire safety Occupational Health and Safety Sectors in 2024. will be organized to include THE TARGET IN ISAF 2024 IS MORE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITORS AND VISITORS ISAF International, which continues to grow even in the most difficult periods, is organized every year with a new planning compared to the previous year. The main goal of the ISAF International Fair in 2024 is planned to further strengthen the work aimed at international participants and visitors. TURKEY'S GLOBAL POWER AND IMPORTANCE IN THE SECTOR IS INCREASING EVERY DAY With the global change in the sector ...

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Бакиркој/Истанбул - Истанбул Експо Центар (Истанбул Фуар Меркези), Истанбул, Турција Бакиркој/Истанбул - Истанбул Експо Центар (Истанбул Фуар Меркези), Истанбул, Турција


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