Експо на електрични возила 2024 година

Експо за електрични возила
From April 19, 2024 until April 21, 2024
Њу Делхи - Прагати Мајдан, Делхи, Индија
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CAEV EXPO 2020. Sponsors #CAEVEXPO24. MSME Promotion Partners. Focus of #CAEVEXPO24. Download the event logos and banners to use as promotional materials.

As technology continues to be incorporated into cars, we are already living in a connected vehicle world.
The car of tomorrow is on its way. Our vehicles will soon become our living rooms.
The car of tomorrow will combine safety, convenience and sustainability through the use of connected, autonomous and electric mobility technology.

Delvens' latest report projects that between 15 and 25 percent of newly sold cars worldwide will be electric by 2029. CASE (connected autonomous shared and electric) is growing due to technological advancements, including parking assistance, adaptive brakes, emergency braking and cruise control. The automotive industry in developed nations as well as India has experienced rapid growth due to their flourishing economies and increasing levels of disposable revenue. Consequently, a surge in demand is expected for CASE over the forecast period. ABI Research estimates that 41 million cars will be 5G connected by 2030. This number is expected to double by 2035. This shows that the transition to the "cars of the future" has begun, with software advances, 5G connectivity and electrification all playing a crucial role in this evolution.

We are thrilled to announce that the next edition of CAEV EXPO will be held on 14-15 March 2024 at KTPO, Bengaluru, India. This event promises to grow even larger and better. The event will be held at KTPO in Bengaluru on 14-15th March 2024.

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Њу Делхи - Прагати Мајдан, Делхи, Индија Њу Делхи - Прагати Мајдан, Делхи, Индија


франко мота
барање за информации
La fiera è aperta al pubblico fino dal primo giorno oppure ci sono giorni riservati ai soli venditori/espositori?

нитин нема
здраво таму,
дали има некакви трошоци за посета или влезница?
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Нитин Нема
Здраво таму,
Бидејќи сме заинтересирани да го посетиме шоуто, ве молиме детално да ни ги дадете формалностите кои исто така бараат и треба да инвестираме.
со нетрпение го очекуваме вашиот одговор
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паван кумар махешвари
за застапништво на електрични скутери
предложи која компанија е најдобра во оваа област на електричен скутер и контакт број. заинтересирани сме за застапништво за Ајмер, Раџастан

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