Филбети Пасај 2023 година (Одложено)

Филбети Пасај
From June 07, 2023 until June 09, 2023 (Postponed) - (Check Flight)
Pasay - SMX конвенциски центар, метро Манила, Филипини
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категории: Мода и убавина

- Филубавица

PHILBEAUTY 2 NEW DEDICATED SEGMENTS. The Only International Beauty Trade Show In the Philippines

Since 2007, philbeauty has been the leading B2B International Trade Show dedicated to the Philippines' beauty industry. The event is also regarded as a perfect platform for professionals and business to network and expand their businesses with beauty manufacturers. Our mission is help and support business for the advancement of personal care and beauty industry.

The philbeauty exhibition has become a vital part of local beauty businesses and is widely regarded as a perfect platform for meeting with serious buyers and distributors. The three-day exhibition showcased beauty products, technological solutions, and services. It also featured a series workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities. These provided a vital insight into future scientific advancements, emerging trends, and regulations.

This is the first time we have come to the Philippines as a beauty machine manufacturer from Beijing to take part in philbeauty 2019! This event is a great opportunity to showcase our products in the Philippines and to meet potential distributors and partners ....

Меѓународна продажба (Канцеларија во Малезија) г. Шерон СиакЕ: [заштитена е-пошта].

Продажба (канцеларија на Филипини) Г-дин Кристијан Тумангуил: [email protected]T: +63998 864 4565.

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Pasay - SMX конвенциски центар, метро Манила, Филипини Pasay - SMX конвенциски центар, метро Манила, Филипини


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