f-ќелија + HFC 2024

f-клетка + HFC
From June 17, 2024 until June 19, 2024
Ванкувер - Конгресен центар на Ванкувер Исток, Британска Колумбија, Канада
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hy-fcell Канада | Месе Штутгарт

International Expo and Conference. June 17 - 19, 2024 | Vancouver. Comments on hyfcell Canada. Highlighted Speakers 2023. Latest news from hyfcell Canada. Make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Trade Fair Highlights. Tickets & opening hours.

The Who's Who of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Industry will meet in Vancouver from 17-19 June 2024. Be there!

hyfcell Canada собира светски познати експерти за да разговараат за решенија за чиста енергија користејќи технологија на водород и горивни ќелии. Интерактивната дводневна конференциска програма, меѓународната изложба и технолошките тури се надополнети со дводневната интерактивна програма.

Participants from the hydrogen and fuel-cell industry and related sectors, including: policy, R&D and finance, production and delivery, infrastructure and storage, as well as multiple end users, such as transportation, industrial, and stationary power applications. Join the conversation across sectors at hyfcell Canada.

There is a strong push in Canada for a vibrant hydrogen sector. hyfcell Canada is attracting the attention of business leaders from around the world and offers great opportunities for B2B relationship development.

Ivette Vera Perez, President and CEO of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

British Columbia is home to more than half of Canada’s clean-tech companies. The West Coast's low-cost, clean energy, large cluster of industry, unique funding, and location opportunities make it a leading environment for producers of low-carbon fuels. "hy-fcell was the venue for discussing solutions to decarbonization.".

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Ванкувер - Конгресен центар на Ванкувер Исток, Британска Колумбија, Канада Ванкувер - Конгресен центар на Ванкувер Исток, Британска Колумбија, Канада


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