Саем за игри Elmia 2025 година

Саем за игри Elmia
From May 29, 2025 until May 31, 2025 - (Check Flight)
Јонкопинг - Елмија, округот Јонкопинг, Шведска
(Ве молиме проверете ги двапати датумите и локацијата на официјалната страница подолу пред да присуствувате.)
категории: Забава и медиуми
Тагови: Игри

Елмија игра саем

Welcome to Elmia Game Fair, 18-20 May 2023.

Elmia Game Fair is held in Elmia, Jonkoping and the Swedish hunting grounds since 1975. The fair is a gathering of people with a passion for outdoor activities. People who are interested in hunting and shooting and want to learn new things.

Elmia Game Fair, Sweden's largest hunting show. You will find the largest industry suppliers of weapons, clothing and hunting equipment, as well as hunting vehicles, travel and hunting vehicles.

Elmia Game Fair is a great place to test driving, shooting and meeting the best in the business. You can also be inspired, learn, and meet with them. Wholesalers and manufacturers present their latest news, which have never been seen before on the Swedish market.

The area outside is large and has wild boar enclosures as well as pots, retrieving tracks and a place where the hunting dog clubs can give tips on training and organize competitions.

In 2023 we will be focusing on management, ethics and safety. The mix will include both old and new features. This year, the wolf issue is a hot topic.

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Јонкопинг - Елмија, округот Јонкопинг, Шведска Јонкопинг - Елмија, округот Јонкопинг, Шведска


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