Експо меѓународна машинска алатка 2023 година

Експо меѓународна машинска алатка
From September 01, 2023 until September 03, 2023 - (Check Flight)
Мумбаи - Изложбен центар во Бомбај (BEC), Махараштра, Индија
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| IMEX 2023 година

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01-03 септември 20,23
The 12th International Exhibition is a 12-day event that takes place in the month of September.
Latest Machine Tools - CNC, Laser
Measurement and Testing Equipment for Shot Blasting
Изложбен центар во Бомбај, Мумбаи, Индија.

Latest innovations and trends in smart technology
The largest machine tool exhibition in the region
Branding opportunity for industry
Meet new buyers and vendors from India and abroad.

IMEX is India's largest international business exhibition for machine tools. The show will offer a unique opportunity for international and domestic machine tool manufacturers/suppliers to create a unique platform in order to leverage the rapidly expanding Indian machine tool market.

Hyve India Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Hyve Group PLC in the UK. We are Hyve. We create unforgettable events where people from around the world connect, learn and inspire. We share extraordinary moments while advancing business and helping to shape industries. Our vision is create the leading portfolio of content driven, must-attend conferences that deliver an exceptional experience and return on investments for our customers.

India's manufacturing sector has the potential of reaching US$ 1 trillion in 2025. India is also expected to be among the top three manufacturing destinations and growth economies of the world.

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Мумбаи - Изложбен центар во Бомбај (BEC), Махараштра, Индија Мумбаи - Изложбен центар во Бомбај (BEC), Махараштра, Индија


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